How to Select Chocolate Brands

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Are you vetting confectionery suppliers to start delivering chocolates to your newly opened confectionery store? Read on and discover some attributes that you should look for when selecting chocolate brands that will result in a large volume of sales at your store.

Flavour Innovation

Compare the different chocolate brands in terms of the innovations put into the flavours of each brand. Why is flavour innovation important? Consumers have evolved and demand novel offerings from confectionery makers. For example, chocolate makers that bring premium brands with an alcohol flavour may appeal to buyers who want such a taste in their chocolate. Such innovative flavours can enable you to retail the product at a higher price than what is charged for the ordinary version of that same brand.

Health Benefits

You should also identify those confectionery suppliers who demonstrate their readiness to deliver chocolate brands that offer superior health benefits to the consumer. Chocolate is generally known to have numerous health benefits that make consumers comfortable to indulge in consuming this treat. However, some brands go a step higher and make products whose health benefits exceed those of their competitors. For example, one manufacturer may add quinoa and chia seeds into the formulation of the chocolates. Those extra ingredients increase the health benefits that consumers can enjoy when they eat that brand of chocolate. The added benefits are likely to auger well for the bottom line of your business since consumers are becoming more health-conscious each passing year.

Smaller Portions

Another attribute that you should look for when selecting chocolate brands or suppliers is the existence of smaller portions that cost less than the normal chocolate offerings. Such a brand with those smaller portions can help you to capture younger consumers who may not have the money to buy the standard portions of some premium chocolates. Those young people can become loyal customers of your business and your earnings will grow when those individuals mature and earn more. The smaller portions will, in effect, serve as an entry point for winning customers of the future.

Brand Marketing

Consider how well the brands being promoted by confectionery suppliers are marketed. It can be very hard for you to drive sales at your store if the brands on your shelves aren't marketed aggressively by the manufacturer or distributors. Pick brands that have a good share of the market so that the good fortune of that brand will rub off on your new store.

Take your time and identify confectionery suppliers whose chocolate brands meet the requirements above. You can also get advice about the brands to select from an experienced operator in the same industry that you are joining.